ULC Purple Book Course Description

Scheduling Basics for Projects
Control Number: 143
Course Number: 46SBP01A
CEUs: 1.7     PDHs: 17.0     LUs: 0.0     PDUs: 17.0     CMs: 0.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
The Corps of Engineers relies on project management principles to deliver meet the Nation's toughest challenges - scheduling techniques are key and essential to project management. The scheduling techniques that this course covers are useful for all projects. The course was primarily developed to introduce the concept of network scheduling to project managers, and it is so oriented in its examples. While this class does not provide a hands-on application of specific scheduling software, the course provides an introduction and understanding of basic network scheduling and manual and computer analysis in both original schedules and progress updates using typical P2 screens and information.

After completing the course, the student should be able (1) to prepare, review, analyze, and update network analysis systems, and (2) to make practical use of the information derived from the system. Through lectures and workshop sessions, the course covers schedule development and basic diagramming techniques; analysis of diagram for starting and finishing times; utilization of a network diagram for project control, determination of progress; effects of project delays; and changes in scope.

Nominees must be assigned (a) Occupational Series: Selected 0340, 0800, 0905, and 1100; (b) Grade: GS-09 or above. Students should have a current or projected assignment requiring knowledge of network analysis as a management technique. Prior knowledge of a network system or P2 is not required. This course is intended to meet the project scheduling requirement for Corps of Engineers PM certification at all levels (formerly covered by the Project Scheduling (NAS) course). This course is highly desirable for Project Managers and local configuration managers (LCM). Others that will benefit are Corps division and district engineers; division, branch, and section heads of project management, construction, operations, and engineering divisions; area engineers; resident engineers; office engineers; other quality assurance representatives; project and/or technical managers; and trial attorneys.


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