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Master Planning Energy and Sustainability
Control Number: 258
Course Number: 46MES01A
CEUs: 2.3     PDHs: 23.0     LUs: 23.0     PDUs: 0.0     CMs: 23.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
This course focuses on how to apply principles of resiliency, sustainability, and energy efficiency in the planning and development of installations. These principles are consistent with DoD policy on the development of Installation Energy and Water Plans that require energy and water efficiency integrated into planning processes for all installations, DoD commitments to following industry standards like ASHRAE 189-2, and Public Laws on master planning. This course does not focus on detailed engineering and design but helps students recognize that master plans set the standard from which all projects (including energy projects) are developed

This course provides a unique learning environment involving lectures, studio-based applied instruction, and educational field trips. These teaching methods help students understand and identify appropriate sustainability, resiliency, and energy efficiency planning practices needed to meet legal and policy requirements to include the National Defense Authorization Acts of 2013 and 2014 and UFC 2-100-01, Installation Master Planning. Students will gain knowledge in how to implement master planning processes and identify metrics to assure that relevant sustainability principles are integrated into the installation development process through programming, design and construction. Through an intensive hands-on workshop, students will use design studio techniques to apply these principles using a transferable case study model. Students will learn about key planning-level strategies for reducing energy and water use, minimizing waste generation, and mitigating stormwater runoff. They will learn how to integrate these strategies into a Energy, Water or Sustainability Component Planning documents and how to develop metrics using modeling programs that quantify the economic and environmental benefits of these strategies.

Master Planning Principles (Course 75) while not a prerequisite, is highly recommended to completed prior to the class since the class discusses how to integrate those planning principles into an Energy and Water Planning efforts. The course is appropriate for all DoD staff and contractors that deal with master planning. Planning staff from other federal agencies will also benefit from participation in the course. The course is also open to the general public. Students taking this course should also take MP 163 - Master Planning Resiliency and Sustainability since that course provides in-depth, hands-on training on using the USACE-developed Net Zero Planner tool to develop metrics needed to prepare an SCP. The class is also appropriate for planners in cities and towns and meets AICP certification for continuing education. A half-day field trip is part of the schedule so students should be prepared to walk and they should plan for appropriate and comfortable attire. Accommodations for students unable to walk will be made as needed, please contact ULC prior to the course if accommodations are needed. Students should bring a laptop to the course and be prepared to perform basic energy and sustainability calculations. To receive a certificate of completion, students are required to attend the entire course so leaving early is not allowed by ULC policy.


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