ULC Purple Book Course Description

Control Number: 327
Course Number: 35MSC01A
CEUs: 3.0     PDHs: 30.0     LUs: 0.0     PDUs: 0.0     CMs: 0.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
This course provides practical technical information to fulfill construction quality verification duties for commissioning of mechanical systems. The course identifies procedures for startup, sequence of operation, and testing that pertain to mechanical equipment and repetitive deficiencies in system performance.

Through lecture, visual aids, conferences, and testing, this course presents the following mechanical HVAC subjects: commissioning of mechanical systems, cooling systems, heating systems, air side systems, and control systems. A 2-day lab experience is included where students observe proper performance testing of HVAC Systems.

Nominees must be assigned (a) Occupational Series: 0801, 0802, 0809, 0810, 0830, and 0850; (b) Grade: GS-05 through GS-12, or equivalent; (c) a current or projected position as an engineer, engineering technician, construction representative, or resident engineer with mechanical quality assurance (directly or supervised) responsibilities. Nominees should have completed the Mechanical QV PROSPECT Course, #074, or have experience in mechanical quality assurance equivalent to the basics presented therein.


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