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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Projected Course Schedule:

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Control NumberTitleSessionLocationBegin_DateEnd DateDeliveryTuitionSeats OpenStand BysSRI Sent
2531391 PREPARATION1Huntsville, AL5/6/20195/10/2019Classroom$151006 
2531391 PREPARATION2Washington, DC7/15/20197/19/2019Classroom$151005 
2521391 PROCESSOR1Huntsville, AL4/2/20194/4/2019Classroom$170006 
352Advanced 1D/2D Modeling with HEC-RAS1Davis, CA7/15/20197/19/2019Classroom$2190011 
369ADVANCED APPLICATIONS OF HEC-HMS1Davis, CA3/11/20193/15/2019Classroom$2040014Yes
543Advanced Scheduling for Projects1Huntsville, AL8/19/20198/23/2019Classroom$212020  
251APPLICATION OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY1Louisville, KY7/22/20197/26/2019Classroom$222505 
4Architect-Engineer Contracting2Alexandria, VA3/4/20193/8/2019Classroom$990012Yes
4Architect-Engineer Contracting3St. Louis, MO4/1/20194/5/2019Classroom$99008Yes
4Architect-Engineer Contracting4Sacramento, CA5/6/20195/10/2019Classroom$990011 
3Architectural Hardware-Quality Verification1Huntsville, AL5/6/20195/10/2019Classroom$210005 
11Basics of Coastal Processes for Engineers and Planners1Duck, NC4/22/20194/26/2019Classroom$314503 
11Basics of Coastal Processes for Engineers and Planners2Duck, NC4/29/20195/3/2019Classroom$314504 
51BIM For Managers1Vicksburg, MS7/30/20198/1/2019Classroom$21507  
172BOAT OPERATOR LICENSE EXAMINER1Belton, TX4/29/20195/3/2019Classroom$380003 
254BUDGET TRAINING2Alexandria, VA3/11/20193/14/2019Classroom$57506Yes
254BUDGET TRAINING3Kansas City, MO4/15/20194/18/2019Classroom$57507 
254BUDGET TRAINING4Chicago, IL5/13/20195/16/2019Classroom$57505 
254BUDGET TRAINING6Portland, OR5/20/20195/23/2019Classroom$57509 
126Building Air Barriers and Pressure Testing1Colorado Springs, CO7/22/20197/25/2019Classroom$144009 
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