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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

To fulfill the requirements of 13 March 2012 Planner Capability Training memorandum and to make efficient use of training dollars, the PCoP updated the Planning Core Curriculum delivery strategy. This strategy allowed for the grandfathering of planners meeting certain requirements for select PCC courses. In addition, experienced planners and PDT members were allowed to take the Proficiency Exams to test out of courses where they could demonstrate mastery of the content with a score of 80% or higher. Experienced planners and PDT members were given opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content for PCC courses. These tests are no longer available on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) as of 1 June 2014:

Parallel to grandfathering and testing options, PCC 1 Civil Works Orientation was revised and produced as a distributed learning (DL) course titled Civil Works Project Development Process. This tuition-based course is now available online and on-demand for USACE employees needing to gain an understanding of the life-cycle of a project. Contact your Training Coordinator to register this new DL course.

In addition to the Civil Works Project Delivery Process, the six remaining Core Curriculum courses are available for FY14 in a classroom setting. Planners and PDT members in need of Core Curriculum courses should continue to take the courses.

The PCoP toolbox is located at:

Frequently Asked Questions: Please read through the following FAQs for more information:

Question: Which of the PCC courses is currently available to be taken virtually, on-line, as an actual course?

Answer: Civil Works Orientation, now the Civil Works Project Development Process, is available online and on-demand as a tuition-based course. The course number is 86 in the Purple Book, and registration is accomplished through Training Coordinators as with classroom (traditional) courses. All other current PCC courses are available for classroom (traditional) one week delivery.

Question: How will I know how and where to take the new DL Civil Works Project Development Process course?

Answer: Enrolled learners will receive a Student Reporting Instruction (SRI) that provides details on how to access this course. General enrollment directions are also available on the ULC website under 'How Do I.. Take Distributed Learning'.

Question: What is the tuition for the new DL Civil Works Project Development Process course?

Answer: DL Course 86 tuition is $682 and is currently available.

Question: Will more courses be put on-line for distributed learning anytime in the near future? Which ones exactly and in what time frame?

Answer: The PCC is being revised for FY 15 delivery. There are no whole-scale changes expected in FY14.

Question: Will the existing PCC courses be modified/blended, etc. If so, what will the new "list" of PCC courses be? (e.g. will PCC2 and PCC6 be permanently blended into one course?)

Answer: The revised PCC for FY15 delivery will consist of:
** The Civil Works Project Development Process
** Planning Essentials
** Plan Formulation and Evaluation Capstone

Question: Will the ability to take an online test to "test out" of a PCC course exist indefinitely or just through some specified time period? When is that date?

Answer: As of 1 June 2014, PCC proficiency exams are no longer available for "testing out."

Question: What is the cost to test out for the new DL Civil Works Project Development Process course?

Answer: There is no option to test out of the Civil Works Development Process