Information for Requesting CES Training

Information for Requesting CES Training

1. Districts receive FY allocations from HQ.

2. Districts Training Coordinators disperse their allocations.

3. Students go into CHRTAS and apply for the course dates they desire; CHRTAS link

4. Supervisors MUST approve the application before it will populate in CHRTAS for approval.

5. After supervisor approval the Training Coordinator informs the ULC of the approved pending application in the following format:

My Student
FY 2022
Course: 1-250-C62 CES Advanced Class: 402
Dates: 1/10/2022 - 2/4/2022

6. ULC must receive the approved application from the District Training coordinator that coincides with TMIS. Students, supervisor, nor local training coordinators can submit the approved application to ULC.

7. ULC approves the application, and the student is informed via email from the AMSC of the enrollment status. POC:, 256-895-7425