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This course provides students with a working knowledge of current techniques and methods that can be used to identify, analyze, and evaluate ecological resources. Emphasis is placed on state-of-the-art procedures for inventory and data collection and evaluation of natural resources required for compliance with Federal laws, Executive Orders, and Corps of Engineers policy and planning guidance. Ecological resources include broadly defined fish and wildlife populations, habitats, and their relationships to each other and the environmental/ecosystem. While the course is not an introductory level course, it is assumed that the student has limited or outdated knowledge of fish and wildlife population dynamics, vegetation sampling, and assessment techniques for these resources.

Corps planning guidance and the "Principles and Guidelines" for planning water resources projects are used as the basis to describe the information required for ecological resources evaluation. Emphasis is placed on describing and demonstrating cost-effective, state-of-the-art techniques and procedures for identifying, inventorying, assessing, evaluating, and displaying ecological resources information. Habitat assessment procedures and inventory techniques are described and demonstrated for birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. Emphasis is placed on those techniques that can be used to inventory sensitive species and evaluate their habitat or potential habitat. Students receive hands-on training through field trips taken to both terrestrial and aquatic sites where they conduct selected animal inventories and habitat assessments. Students will be provided with key sources of ecological resources information and technical assistance within the Corps, other agencies, and outside sources. Instructors emphasize that ecological resources cross geographic and political boundaries and encourage interdisciplinary and cross-stovepipe collaboration.

a. This course is primarily for technical personnel whose duties involve the identification, evaluation, analysis or management of ecological resources. Project and Program Managers responsible for project and program management activities, particularly those involving ecosystem restoration, would also benefit. b. Occupational Series: Primarily 0028, 0400, and 1300. c. Grade: GS-09 or above. Disciplines (other than the above) may be accepted provided nominee's present or anticipated duties involve the management, analysis, identification, or evaluation of ecological resources. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Much of this course involves field exercises. Therefore, students should prepare to work in both upland and aquatic environments and to bring appropriate shoes and clothing. Special tours may be available after class hours.


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