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Planning Essentials (Planning Core Curriculum Course 2)
Control Number: 77
Course Number: 35PPP01A
CEUs: 4.0     PDHs: 0.0     LUs: 0.0     PDUs: 0.0     CMs: 40.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
This course enhances the student’s knowledge and awareness of the USACE planning process by providing training on the Six-Step Planning Process and how to integrate engineering analysis, public involvement, and environmental and economic considerations during the development and evaluation of alternative plans for the USACE water resources development missions.

Upon completion of the course, the student will understand the USACE planning process, planning activities and their value in framing and addressing water resources problems. The student will become familiar with the six step plan formulation process and the integrated roles of multiple disciplines critical to this process. Specific attention is given to risk-informed decision making, and the work products and processes to support those decisions such as level of detail and vertical team integration. Additionally, the course will cover the fundamental technical efforts of plan formulation, economic analyses, analyses to determine the social effects of alternatives such as public safety and residual risk, NEPA/Environmental compliance, public involvement, communication, hydrologic and hydraulic considerations, and other engineering analyses important to making investment decisions regarding water resources projects. Course content and assignments will illustrate the USACE planning process and how to apply procedures, guidance, and policy. This is an online course which is delivered over eight weeks through distance learning involving blended synchronous (live webinars) and asynchronous (self-paced) lessons. Most of these lessons are delivered on-demand in Blackboard and consist of self-paced, narrated presentations and videos. These lessons are reinforced with a variety of assignments including some required reading, discussion board posts, and written assignments. Some lessons are presented using live interactive webinars. The syllabus for the class spreads the content out over eight weeks with weekly due dates for required assignments, scheduled times for live webinars, and recommended dates for the completion of on-demand lessons. Students are expected to be available during the eight weeks of the course to adhere to the syllabus, however, some flexibility with the completion of assignments and lessons may be afforded in special circumstances. Students will be graded on the completion of lessons and assignments, attendance to the live webinars and based on the results of a final exam administered the last week of the course.

Participants should be currently involved in the planning of civil works water resources development projects. Prior completion of the PROSPECT Course, "USACE Civil Works Project Development Process" is required. Prior to beginning this course, students are required to read the "Planning Primer" (IWR Report 97-R-15). Priority will be given to GS5-GS12 students with less than 3 years of current planning experience.


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