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Relationship Management
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Course Number: 15CRM01A
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What is Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) and why it is important to USACE as a reimbursable government agency. Objectives and benefits of SRM, components of SRM, hard and soft skills of SRM, the relevance of recruitment, hiring, retention and sustainment of technical competency to SRM, where each person fits into SRM, the SRM process, developing a strategic engagement plan, developing account plans, SRM implementation and evaluation.

This course focuses on the what, where, when, why and how of developing and managing relationships with USACE stakeholders. Managing relationships is key to assuring USACE meets stakeholder needs and that we effectively partner in developing innovative solutions now and into the future. From this course, students discover the importance of strategic relationship development and sustainment as a USACE core competency, gain an understanding of the concept of SRM, learn the value of building long-term stakeholder and end-user relationships, understand the enterprise language for SRM, learn how to develop end-user-focused strategies specific to USACE mission, utilize market research tools and evaluate SRM effectiveness.

Generally those who are in direct contact with stakeholders and end-users. Specifically that includes USACE Outreach Coordinators, Account Managers, Project Managers and Program Managers. Sometimes this also includes key project delivery team members who have frequent contact with stakeholders, end-users and project partners. Students should be journey-level or above and have had experience working with outside stakeholders and end-users.


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