Distributed Learning Update:


The following non-tuition USACE Distributed Learning (DL) Courses are available.

* 700, USACE Fiscal Law Refresher(FLR) is open for enrollment. Click here for more information
* currently under revision - 770, USACE DOD Basic Cost Estimating Policy Overview

* Interim DL Course 762 (Introduction to PDBP): This course has been a long standing requirement for new employees as well as a refresher for existing employees. The PPM CoP has updated this particular course as an interim measure until it can be placed on the ULC website in Blackboard.
Use this link ( https://usace.dps.mil/sites/KMP-PPM/SitePages/Training-%26-Mentoring.aspx ) then scroll down to Training Resources.
View the course material (30 minutes) and take the quiz. We send certificates of completion on Fridays (or Mondays if there’s a holiday).

* DL Course 763 (Working with PDBP): This course will begin its update after the EM 5-1-11, PDBP Manual, has been approved and published by HQ. A waiver has been issued thru 30 Sep 2023. Click here for a copy of the waiver.

*Click the following link for ALMS instructions to take non-tuition DL courses:
Learner Course Registration Instructions for non-tuition PROSPECT DL on ALMS


The following tuition USACE DL course is available:

29, Construction Quality Management (GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES)

77, Planning Essentials (Planning Core Curriculum Course 2)

86, USACE Civil Works Project Development Process (Planning Core Curriculum Course 1)

Click the following link to learn how to register for tuition DL courses (same process for PROSPECT classroom courses):

For questions regarding DL courses, contact anthony.lacen@usace.army.mil.


For non-tuition DL training, click: Learner Course Registration Instructions for non-tuition PROSPECT DL on ALMS

Have questions about ALMS?  Below are a few FAQs to help familiarize you with the ALMS:

Q: What is the Army Learning Management System(ALMS)?
A: An Army-enterprise platform for hosting DL courses.

Q: I am a new user to ALMS. Is tutorial training available?
A: Yes go to: https://www.lms.army.mil. Don't forget, you must have an AKO account to access the ALMS. First-time users will automatically be directed to review the ALMS tutorial

Important Note:   Contact the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD), ask.athd@us.army.mil, 877-251-0730 (DSN 826-4745), for assistance concerning access/navigation in ALMS.  The USACE Learning Center (ULC) is responsible for managing course content for these courses.