How to establish a student Gmail account

To establish a student Gmail account:
  • - Using a Chrome browser window, go to
  • - At the top right-hand corner, click Gmail.
  • - If you have a personal account and are currently signed in, click the account icon (your photo or the first letter of your name being displayed at the top-right corner) and sign out of the account by clicking the “Sign-Out” button.
  • - Once signed out, click the “Sign-in” button on the top right-hand corner, select to use another account from any listed, and click “Create account” and select “for myself”.
  • - Provide the required information and create the Gmail email account using the following format: Click “Next”.
  • - Complete the additional information and use your USACE email as your recovery email address. Click “Next”.
  • - Read the privacy and terms and click “I agree” at the end of the page.
  • - The Google Gmail account is now created.