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Control Number: 24
Course Number: 35CCW01A
CEUs: 3.2     PDHs: 32.0     LUs: 0.0     PDUs: 0.0     CMs: 0.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
This course is needed due to the demand for training Cost Estimators knowledgeable in the Civil Works (CW) field. Currently there are a large number of cost estimators in the CoE that do not have the intermediate and advanced civil works cost estimating skills and knowledge to adequately perform their job duties. Estimating civil works projects is a specialized field, whereby correct and accurate estimating is needed in order to support and to successfully complete projects. Also an audit of the CoE concluded that the Corps needs to provide more training in the Civil Works field.

The topics covered include the regulations pertaining to Civil Works Cost Engineering, Cost Engineering throughout the Civil Works SMART Planning Process, Cost Quality Management, and the role of the Cost Engineer on the project delivery team throughout the project delivery process. The requirements for performing Cost and Schedule Risk analysis and development of contingencies for CW projects will be explained. Advanced methodology for quantity takeoff and review of plans and specifications will be taught. The course will include discussions and examples of real life civil works cost estimating and conditions effecting production rates, bidding strategies, acquiring transportation and placement of materials. Requirements for Agency Technical Review will be discussed. Students are expected to bring and be able to use MII Cost Engineering software to complete the course problem.

The employees that should attend this class include Cost Engineers and estimators at the District and Division level currently working on Civil Works Projects. Occupational Series: 0800; 0802; 0807; 0808; 0810; 0830; 0850; 1301; 1350; grades: GS-07 and above. The people attending this class should be currently assigned to a Cost Engineering organization or working in the Civil Works field. This course is designed for the intermediate to advanced cost engineer that works on Civil Works projects during their work duty/responsibility. Potential candidates with less than five years' experience in preparing cost estimates or grade GS-5 are eligible if recommended by their supervisor. It is strongly suggested that potential students have taken the Cost Estimating Basics and MII Basic PROSPECT classes.


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