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Environmental Considerations in Civil Works
Control Number: 408
Course Number: 35ECP01A
CEUs: 3.1     PDHs: 0.0     LUs: 0.0     PDUs: 0.0     CMs: 0.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
This class surveys environmental topics needed for compliance for USACE Civil Works projects. Participants learn to recognize the basis and key components of NEPA documents consistent with applicable environmental laws, regulations and procedures necessary to conduct civil works planning, design, construction and operations. Course includes field trip and class exercises to demonstrate and apply course learnings.

The class consists of a series of modules and exercises summarizing the many laws, regulations, and procedures governing environmental aspects of the Corps of Engineers civil works process. Modules include an overview of the compliance under the National Environmental Policy Act, and the contents and procedural requirements for the preparation of Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements. Environmental compliance discussions address the: Endangered Species Act, Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, National Historic Preservation Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Coastal Zone Management Act, Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Management Act, and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Other topics include mitigation, cost effectiveness analysis, environmental sustainability, and invasive species. In addition, students are provided guidance on ecosystem restoration authorities and practice under both the continuing authorities and general investigation programs. Ecosystem and other impact assessment methods are reviewed, with exercises focused on the selection of assessment procedures for habitat evaluations.

Nominees should be newly assigned to civil works, engineering, construction, operations, or planning programs. Student experience should be less than 5 years in fields having a nexus with a need for an understanding of environmental considerations in the civil works process. Grade level: GS-9 through GS-12.


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