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ULC Course Description

Levee Inspection
Control Number: 36
Course Number: 0
CEUs: 1.9     PDHs: 19.5     LUs: 0.0     PDUs: 0.0     CMs: 0.0     ACE: 0.0     CEHs: 0.0
Train U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) staff to include managers, engineers, geologists, and technicians on aspects of the USACE levee inspection procedures. The course is also available to non-USACE participants interested or involved with the USACE levee safety inspections. The course intent is to teach new levee inspectors levee inspections using USACE criteria are conducted. The course will focus on teaching inspectors how to use the inspection checklist, software, and tools required to complete an inspection. The course will also inform students how levee inspections fit within the Levee Safety Program’s risk informed decision making process and who should participate during the inspection process. Levee inspection steps covered throughout this course include planning and preparing for inspections, executing safe inspections, completing an inspection report using the proper software, documenting inspection data in the National Levee Database, and effectively communicating results with partners, sponsors, and stakeholders.

Lectures, case histories, field visits and structured classroom exercises will be employed to familiarize participants with all aspects of levee inspections. The course is structured around the entire life-cycle of the inspection process and throughout the week, inspection procedures are performed by students, in a hands-on environment, on an actual levee in the area. Students will learn the background of inspection methodology, proper usage of the inspection tools and software, and will complete a sample inspection report. Dress is business casual and students should plan to dress accordingly during the field inspection.

Occupational series: Selected 0100, 0400, 0800, 0900, 1000, 1300, and 1500 Grade: GS and WG, as appropriate, GS05 or above This course is intended for all personnel involved in levee safety inspections. No prior knowledge of this topic is required to attend.


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